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do the small things well and greater things 
be asked of you. . . 


the t 


Do nd 

For r 



si ?d 

The J 

May Che Peace of Jah, and assurance in your 

n Tao manifest itself to you as you seek 
ulfillment of your true potential and 
lity, becoming your true authentic self, 
t, look. outward tfpon.vour ref laS'Si P«AR a £ I 

one knows their true place under this 
of illusion and and shadows, and most 

c fSSa^SCT48r t Wf8£5T ?£. fctSfflna? ?•?• _... 

iefl", listen until there is no sound. 

1 archetypes' ofJ^hgr a ||dggg|njr , 

isions of fairy taies or that seductive pull 
of wljiat Freud described merely 'as.-the- "Id-", .«h-ich~| 
.and sours you on withjtestosterone 
_ .it^pP§l8id S 2n R 4§l e Dr4?n4y -dnebl* 
sex 5nd cannabis. Or be it the strong_ inf luenc^ 
of Freud' s "Super Ego" : the voices and admonish'^ 
. of -all -who have crossed .your path- and. left f 
behind your scars and blemishes. Or perhaps 
affected by what Freud- would call— the "subconsci* 
which holds the wealth of truth and insights 
for yourVowh well being, may even have to. 



be kept, from your Self. 

and . , 

in a 

jtlyf'it 'seems'," because it is' never 

allowed, .to speak,... ....,.„_ . 

It sjlts, not as Freud may have you believe, as^ 
t-he 'Ego", constantly in -need of -stimuli- and ---^ 
nourishment to pump its Self up. That is simply" 
your Pride: Being "proud of who you ate S3 
important, but, the seat of the soul,, which has Jj 
always existed in this cosmology, and needn't 

^iRmril8lTilV8l8lM8" a .8t 1 ofwiir: 

state of perpetual forgetf ulness seeking 



agai 1 and again to recall: 

iP?fhS$*&high8£f a *ii g rl§tg? a tl5ln c tRgHu 
or l 's parts. 

Chopping wood, carrging r water. ght . ennlent _ 

Chopping wood, carrying water 

after enlightenment. 


John "Flash" Gordon 

■ i,.v 

iNiTHE HAMMg^-THA-T€ciMeO-&.exB£ MAS AU2£^OV Pickeo 

THEM FfioM THE: TT2EE-. ^ ^Ua^o) !>>«-•=> T "to b.e_tocWJ ooitLv^ 
oiw- <luIs<j>< >-v-a.'Zig_ - . "Af-f-rt^cfto^ 1 ( i^'S al/ Af4rSvckoi— .' * 

feS6^6l4£S AN AHOIEgA. AU_ V&^HAtfSMSto & f2W2> SHouLOfe/2-S 
AMD tUuUlAWA^H^PuyA^MwmpC^M^ 

LjSM&O S6M'&.SFcP"CO»0T12-OL-v . "'•• p il'-, I ,, I 

grol^-^a^-^t sW^cao/, ^K? '*- 8 / ^T ^1/'®$$**- <**»>**{ 

W«'^^^oi^^fL«-/vviv^eu/K t^s-au^ ey?/skne^_ y^SvJi/La. tfttZawi/r^, 
J§6ukn FwU Aajd coco i '-AnO Vou'aE KoT~Au_^yeC>Tc> TO-^^H 

%^.^ Us s^.sf-^ ^r-Ai-A FAM e^MAfO- 

^jQ\>v-4_ |-«-p^- e - < ^ "^'^TU ctv^ *— fti.<hvv_eof Sov-4. Oj°>i^t-^_ J-©<_ Veils' 
l*4& o- pS^e^^l/e. kevzi_ C.F O- S^^l-f^ i-vo-i-l^-e-. TtZAPptQ 

/A/5 to£ A K>4L-ej0ceJ»P&. OF WAT^eAt-gSSefUCE, AS )f=oui£_ 

doiosoiO'-iSKjeSs is p^or^_cQ3 g^/A Tb(£Cfc ce&AT&O wthakj 
A £&££-£", . . 

ftt-SSl GCtTOfOU-O^J A fi>e£ADTl2A-l <- LoNSeAn^TTO fOLLOW A PATH 

OfritMO&l&S SAC-IA^/AE-OS? A~Jw-V~o,- , ,sV~orpoLv.vsf*\.o.fcU_. 



Ask Adam - WHAT IS GOD? 

Well, I was asked this auspicious question recently, so I figured since this the first blurb to the blooming minds of modern 
society, 1 would indulge in satisfying a common curiosity; what is God? In order to view such an obviously arguable question as 
quickly as possible, please believe nothing of this, but be open to it momentarily. First, to set aside confusing near-homonyms, let 
me assume the contemplator isn't speaking of the Annunaki / Nephilim extra-terrestrial "Gods" who ruled the world until the fall 
of Chaldca, known by many names in many lands. Neither am I going to mention the Satanic God who was exiled here as a jail 
sentence for attempting to overtake the previously mentioned "Gods", later known as The One True God, which modern 
monotheistic religions worship. 

The principal the intellectual mind is grasping for in its symbiotic relative experience in its universe is the Principal of the 
Atom. The Atomic Principal created the entire known universe, composes the source-bits for all things, and is literally 
Omnipresent. The Child of God is Hydrogen. It composes three quarters of elemental matter, which is inconceivably great in total 
mass; and since it its atomic brethren differ only in weight, one particle at a time forming new atoms. Hydrogen may easily be 
seen as the true Son of the Atom. ,i 

See.. .in the beginning, there was just a "nucleus". Not the 'big bang'/lie we're told, but the 'big nuclear-like reaction'. The 
"nucleus" is most likely only "still" momentary, with an unstable arrangement of atomic stuff, and its own criticality causes it to 
split at the equatorial plane releasing intense energy which radiates from the center like a pogo-ball. I call this the 'pogo-ball 
effect', but modern science calls it 'radiation belts', or 'van Allen belts'. Now, the deal is at this point, as the energy is radiated 
outwards, looking like a pogo-ball as energy radiates out the center, the radiation mass and the gravity of the original "nucleus" 
form a gravitational attraction pulling the radiated energy back into the equatorial center of gravity of the "nucleus". This causes 
the 'whirling' effect as the energy is radiated outwards as hydrogen atoms. -As- the "nucleus" radiates its energy, and the energy 
orbits the particle outwards, it begins to cool. As it cools even slightly, radiating away from the source of heat, atoms of hydrogen 
fuse in trace amounts to form Helium, the nuclear-reaction of which causes miniature spirals, or eddies, within the spiraling 
projection, and a chain of atomic activity, cooling even further as it spins away from the source - small wheels within a wheel. 
It's force of expansion is reduced as it extends further from the Source and cools; density of the elemental matter quickening 
likewise, forming now lithium... beryllium then boron, quickening, and chemically storming, until at the edges of the reaction, 
inside an eddy, at the 'halt point' of this nuclear fission, lies the Milky Way Galaxy filled with condensed atomic particles of 
heavy metal, and inside it our meager little sun and its satellite aggregate. We exist in the manifest potential on the edge of a 
Nuclear-like Reaction; where force, distance from source, and compounding of mass cause a pendulums rest; the Now, within the 
pause of the Breath of Brahma, that our microscopic lives arc lived. 

The play then of atoms in their densification to the apparent chemical reactions to us, is just nature's way. Chemical reactions 
lead to RNA enzymes, which still perform chemical reactions but also store information, to DNA which store information much. . 
better. The Earthen prehistory then of how our naturally occurring DNA evolution was sped by a race of Humanoids from a 
planet in the far reaches of our solar system... I feel a different matter all together. It was nice of them, in my humble opinion, for 
we exist today as a result, but we would have in time became ourselves anyways, as in time we shall also become them as they 
share the same DNA as earth critters did as; simply more evolved. 

Is consciousness an evolved byproduct of DNA? No. What We Humans call consciousness is indeed, for the most part, a 
byproduct of the evolved intelligence of our DNA. Consciousness is a byproduct of that which precedes even Source, or our 
original "nucleus". Human logic would perceive the probability of our Source "nucleus" being one of many. Mystical indications 
are that Source and its emanations are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively (to borrow from Bill Hicks), and 
all the way from the atomic-emanation of hydrogen from Source, all the way to the manifest elemental physical creatures 
suspending hydrogen atoms; no level of creation escapes God, the great watcher of the Breaths of Brahma, the Consciousness of 
Source itself which is witlun every hydrogen atom, every strand of DNA, every photon of light, every enzyme and protein, 
vegetation, creature. . . the scientists suspending a hydrogen atom, the chamber and room which they're in, and the hydrogen atom 
- staring back at itself through the scientists as a suspended particle of its being. 

Please email questions involving the relatively unknown or mysterious to the editor; A'lTN: Ask Adam 

* tllBIIIIIIIIIlllil" 




"' "In; i 
nn.oly . t<" l>io 
.the lllc I'nrold was 

... Kan.!. 1 "* 

e««iy lie caichcs o 

There once were these two men, whom, after traveling through the woods 

for days, came upon the shore of a large lake. The men, exhausted from 

their journey, decided this to be a good location to take a break and 

threw their supplies down to relax. 

When the conversation grew dry, they took to throwing stones Into the 

wavering shoreline. 

'.'he one r-an r-eroly -i i .in:.v: w:,.it«-v.-i was available to him and 

tossed them randomly, while the other began to seek out the flatter of 

the stones, so that he could skip them across the surface of the lake. 

He eventually took to foraging the area .for choice rocks, which would 

hopefully travel farther, and skip more times. 

It was then that he noticed a nearly perfect rock near the foot of his 

companion, whom Indirectly picked it up and lobbed it into the lake, 

with such a trajectory the it splashed down with the increased weight. 

He then saw another choice rock near his companion, which he again 

grabbed up without noticing, and arced it into the water. The rock was 

so thin it cut through the surface of the lake with very little splash 

at all. 

This was too much for the man to take, and he finally spoke up, 

"How come you keep wasting all those perfectly good skipping rocks?" 

His companion simply replied, without much thought at all, 

"How come you keep skipping all those perfectly good splashing rocks?." 


...outward digression.... 



it's Just the fact that alot of peopledon't know how 
to cope with was a one hefore it was a four, circulal- 
excellence of the mind, fuck that shit. 

fuck the blood -• -.- 

leansed of abstract thought but it 

A sterile mind is"*only ... 
la still burdened by seeking the deeper me aning of things mat 
shouldnt be explained. 

th collect ive power ot I hi 

fuck proper etiquette , , , 

tthe bra in doesh • L knov-eicus-eTne^s-aTia politeness „...„ „,, fc 

the brain doesn't know etiquette because the brain fun ction s with 

out roles . ~ lrou m uch *it?inre-iostr ber^roso of- etiquette-? 

look at the penny . - ., _,,1 J 

--consider- the metaphysical-. - 

— ■ hon e dry— lioae- 

„d-*4io^^eMned-4ii^^tiot-Jihat-4^Ji-Jo^-"J^i-what.-y : ou r JjmiXJ^ 



& . Sk 6<rf i/f rife 

-£*&dr/ *t>fe _ 

? 'tf n^y fit*. &■ r/^A U .. 

i JjKti-« ■*»>■ -.^ 

■ ■-■:■-->. ''• A,fA aAu£ 
en — nam tif/ mmtfc lyt. — /*••' *£** y-, Ar<J>* 

/■;>, ;< 



y.. ^Ji- cky, -/iSK aU, //«, ^W 

l "p{ -^—jalic£- ■/* twt&h*, 


V /* <<-Afce &-...&** Sid . 

**j—*__m—6iie„ Ma A-w/ . me am a^ crteft, \ 
or- m-^atu/ -/Aces tr /tAr. / X,-f 

-i^W ttr 

,.-,<' <af 



- 6-U i- f/fiitt( f/t 

/*<£ . 

»to, &to — 'L,,e au.,i k*/„v /.,„ 

t *.'---. 

Iff, « 

. M", row TV* 1 - <i 
J (jlV J-sa- 


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